Mary C's Biscotti

"Mary C" Eli"I love that biscotti appeals to people in every walk of life and at any time of the day — whether it be with your morning coffee or an evening glass of wine." — Mary C

Being a biscotti lover, I searched for the perfect biscotti. If it's out there, I tried it. But I could never find what I was looking for. So I set out to create a recipe of my own. It took many a broken spatula, but I finally crafted a recipe that I loved; not too hard, but dunk-able.

I started giving samples of my homemade biscotti to friends at Ferrara's Italian Restaurant in Sharon, PA. Before long, customers were coming in and offering their own flavor suggestions. I began selling my product at Ferrara's and Mary C's Biscotti, LLC was born.

Mary C's now has many different varieties and the list is growing. We sell biscotti by the dozen in Signature and "mini" sizes; we also create gift baskets. We have baked customized biscotti for weddings, showers, graduations, birthday parties, holidays, and other events.

I love working with flavors to design the best gifts: ones that are dunkable.